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The Quest for 2-D Silicon
, IEEE Spectrum, July 2012. Silicene—the silicon analogue to graphene—could have amazing electronic abilities.

A New Twist on Radio Waves
, IEEE Spectrum, May 2012. Using the angular momentum of light could make one radio channel into two, or three, or more. But many wireless experts are skeptical.

Escape from the Nucleus: Ionization via Quantum Tunneling Observed
, Scientific American, April 2007. Attosecond laser pulses permit the first direct views of an uncommon form of electron escape.

Alone at the Top
, Scientific American, March 2007. Closer to god: fermilab makes solo top quarks.

The Geometer of Particle Physics
, Scientific American, August 2006. Alain Connes's noncommutative geometry offers an alternative to string theory. In fact, being directly testable, it may be better than string theory.

A Force to Reckon With
, Scientific American, October 2005. What applied the brakes on Pioneer 10 and 11?

In the Blink of an Eye
, Science, 19 November 2004. Researchers want to freeze-frame the workings of atoms with laser pulses just billionths of a billionth of a second long.

Mass Hysteria
, New Scientist, 12 July 2004. Thousands of people are on the trail of the Higgs particle, which is believed to give things their mass. Are they on a hiding to nothing? Alexander Hellemans and Valerie Jamieson follow the hunt.

Through the looking glass
, Nature, 10 August 2000. The creation of antimatter at CERN.

Astronomy and Astrophysics

Understanding Antimatter,
Astronomy Magazine, August 2011. All matter and antimatter should have annihilated each other early in the universe's history. So, what allowed matter to survive?

Dangling a COROT,
Scientific American, September 2007. Space telescope aims to find more planets orbiting other stars.

Moisson de galaxies lointaines,
La Recherche, November 2006. La découverte de galaxies les plus lointaines jamais observées ouvre une fenêtre sur l'apparition des toutes premières du genre.

Bringing supernovae down to Earth,
Nature, 25 January 2001. Nuclear physicists, accelerator physicists and astrophysicists are planning a journey into uncharted territory — studying the nuclear processes that occur when massive stars explode.

Does size matter?
Nature, 2 November 2000. Large telescopes are starting to dominate astronomy, putting their smaller predecessors under pressure to close. But if astronomers can adapt their ways of working, both big and small could thrive.

Solid-State Physics and Electronics

Record Setting Terahertz Transmitters
, Spectrum, January 2012. Relativeli cheap chip hits 1.1 THz, could make terahertz scanners and other devices practical.

New Green Touch Telecom Consortium Reveals Energy-Saving Plan
, Spectrum, April 2010. A new consortium has unveiled a master plan for reducing the energy consumption of telecom networks.

Optical RAM
, Spectrum Online, 29 January 2010. Imec's optical flip-flop paves the way for low-power, all-optical telecommunications.

Thermal Transistor: The World's Tiniest Refrigerator
, Spectrum Online, 1 January 2008. Thermal transistors refrigerate one electron at a time and physicists plan to compute with heat.

Left-Handed Materials Go from Fact to Fiction and Back Again
, Spectrum Online, 1 July 2003. Lenses that bend light the wrong way exist after all, according to the latest experiments.

Organic Transistors Speed Up
, Spectrum Online, 3 December 2003. Experimental single-crystal devices overcome fabrication problem.

Science Policy

French leader seeks reform,
Physics World, August 2006. Bréchignac talks about her career and her plans to reform the CNRS.

New heads at French research body,
The Scientist Online, 1 February 2006. Appointments at the CNRS spark speculation about future of recent, highly debated reforms .

ITALY: Academics Protest Plan to End Tenure,
Science, 19 November 2004. Italian academics rallied outside Italy's higher education ministry in Rome to show their disapproval of the government's plans to eliminate tenure and increase teaching loads.

Scientists, Government Clash Over Reforms in Italy
, The Scientist, 14 October 2002. Debate rages over potential abolishment of institutes.


Manufacturing Mayday,
IEEE Spectrum Magazine, January 2007. Production glitches send Airbus into a tailspin.

Education / Science as a Career

France’s grandes écoles accused of elitism
, Physics World, February 2010. France's elite universities challenged?

Science shops provide non-profit alternative
, Nature, 5 July 2001. After years of decline, non-profit consultancies — science shops — are starting to reinvent themselves.

Beating the European brain drain
, Nature, 4 November 2001. The exodus of scientists from Italy reflects problems several European countries are trying to tackle. Are their efforts too little, too late? .


Green Chemistry
, Research Europe, 25 March 2010. Researchers in chemical technology are ready to come out of the shadows to make hazardous chemicals a thing of the past.

Schön Shown the Door
, Spectrum Online, 15 October 2002. Investigation of star Bell Labs researcher stops just short of declaring his work bogus.

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